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Foster love of learning,
incite creativity in thinking, 
encourage adaptability to change,
discover passion for life.

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Since 2019, we have been dedicated to providing customizable curricula to each student, integrated with extracurricular activities and community support. Using personalized approach and innovative methods in teaching and guiding, our teachers were able to develop personal relationships with each student and help them develop multi-faceted capabilities and fall in love with learning.

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Our Mission

We are committed to nurturing students into confident and responsible individuals through discovering their individual identity and unique paths in life. It is our mission to help students improve their adaptability to the ever-changing society and reach their full potential in social and academic environment

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Client Reviews

"Ms Wang's AP Psychology class was what got me interested in psychology. I was always curious about it but my school didn't offer any psychology course. She really opened my eye to what I could choose as my profession when I get older

Sabrina Lee

Before we met Evy, my son was having a very hard time at school. He was failing in all his English courses and really hated reading and writing. I really started seeing a change in him after he joined Evy's book club. He would ask me to buy all these books so that he could discuss it with other kids. And he told me that Evy's class could always make him curious about something he never thought of before. We are very grateful to have a teacher who aims to inspire kids and change their way of thinking.

Doreen Choi

This summer, my daughter Helen signed up for Ms Wang's summer camp which gave her "the best summer ever" in her own words. It's been difficult for her at school as a new student and she lacked confidence due to her English. We tried everything but all she liked doing was playing video games. When we consulted Ms Wang about how to help Helen adapt to the new life and she recommended the summer camp program. Helen was able to open up to kids who were goinging through the same thing at school and even fell in love with the outdoors. We couldn't belive that this amazing program was free and funded by Ms. Wang and some of the parents!

Jeff Liu

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